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Rufusutility to create a bootable usb flash drive for Windows: XP/7/8/10 operating systems.

The program has a great use in many countries, thanks to the simple and convenient multilanguage interface, speed of create a bootable USB drive and multi images supporting.

Rufus is absolutely free, and regular update. Feedback to developer allows to add new features and fix bugs in a short time.

Download and install Rufus

To use the program, you need to download it from the official site. Versions are available for download: portable and installation.

Portable version is no need to install. When you first Rufus start, in a program directory configuration file will be created.

The installation version supports automatic updates and distribute as a installation package. The installation controlled by wizard in a user-defined directory. If necessary, at complete of the installation, you can select option to create a shortcut on your desktop for quick launch.

Functional of this versions does not differ, the usability of a portable version that can be run from a flash drive without installation and use it to create a bootable drive.

To select the version, click on the row version, then click download button.

After downloading and running, you can write OS image in less than 10 minutes. Time is depends on USB port transmission speed and computer drive write speed.

Despite its compact size, Rufus offers functionality that will help you quickly and efficiently make a bootable USB drive.

Version Description
installer Installation version with auto update
portable Portable version. You can use it without installation
Free download multilanguage version OS: Windows, size: 1MB